About CityFarm
"Welcome to the acoustic world of CityFarm. These Washington, DC area musicians have strong ties to their original hometown of Danville, VA and the band's name originates from those Southside Virginia roots.  The name CityFarm refers to the place where parents threatened to send their kids if they didn't walk the straight and narrow.  The City Farm is where crimes and misdemeanors turned into prison labor, punishment........you know, workin' for the City! Fortunately, the CityFarm members avoided doing time there which made their parents awfully proud!

Each of the musicians have gone onto successful jobs that range from architect to attorney to computer technical consultant to telecommunications consultant and hydro-environmental scientist.  The fact that they all ended up in the Washington D.C. area allowed the players to work their day jobs, stay in touch with each other and jam together in various settings from casual gatherings to holiday parties to chili cook-offs, beach vacations on the Chesapeake Bay and more.

The birth of the CityFarm Band evolved from the break-up of another bluegrass band that Marcus Haynes "bandless" but with an opportunity to get the other DC Danvillians into a bluegrass fold that would lead to public performances.  It was then that the step from casual picking to professional band was enthusiastically made.

In a busy world of work, family and responsibility for numerous activities, the players have dedicated themselves to regular band practices and the quest to tighten their bluegrass sound to lofty heights. No small feat when windows of time are preciously allocated.  Annandale, VA resident and banjo player Don Parrish often commutes from his telecommunications business obligations and second home in St. Croix back to DC for practices and performances.  Rockville, MD resident and architect/guitarist Ed Corr and attorney/mandolin/guitarist Paul Mengel of Alexandria are dedicated dads of young children.  Maryland resophonic guitarist Fred Smoral's computer consulting occupation often leads to long, unpredictable hours, while still finding time to rehearse and perform with his other band the Orchard Boys.  Environmental scientist/bassist Marcus Haynes finds time to thump the bass into the night after long hours in the field during the day.

The point is this.......despite so many obligations in so many directions in very limited timeframes, the CityFarm players make it work because of their passion for acoustic music and their genuine desire to succeed.  Successful workers make successful players.

You will discover that a performance by the CityFarm conveys the essence of acoustic proficiency because of the dedication of each member of the band.  Instrumentally and vocally CF holds true to tradition but also transcends those boundaries by exploring other musical genres with seamless accuracy. Stoney Lonesome will cry in his beer on one tune and gloriously succumb to happy feet on the next.  The accapella numbers bring a silence to the audience that is deafening affirmation of finely-tuned voices.

Do yourself a favor and see this extraordinary band. Experience the musical elixir that, coupled with the presence of good friends, will propel you into a comfort zone that will keep a smile on your face and your troubles at bay. Sit back, relax and feel the acoustic passion.  The CityFarmers feel it and you deserve it."

- John B Updike (CityFarm's Acoustic Realtor)