Marcus Haynes

Acoustic Upright Bass and Vocals

Also, hails from the “Big D”, now living at Lake Jackson in Prince William Co., VA. and single again.

Immediately prior to helping form CityFarm, played bass, sang and fronted possibly defunct, bluegrass band Cedar Run for a couple of years as they appeared around Northern VA

Technicals: My Czech made bass was sold to me and set up by Michael Shank at Shankstrings, in Elizabethtown, PA. www. I use a Fishman BP-100 pick-up and an Applied Research and Technology-Studio V3 Tube MP preamp or a Fishman Pro EQ Platinum Bass pre-amp. When needed, I plug into a Fender Rumble 60 amp. Further, I use Pop's Bass Rosin on a German style bow.

Influences: Ray Brown, Berry Oakley, Bryon House, Mark Shatz, Todd Phillips, Phil Lesh, Junior Huskey, Mykle Lyons and Brian Bromberg.

Current Favorites: The Waybacks, The Keels and Keller Williams, Blue Highway, Sam Bush Band, Stewed Mulligan

On CityFarm: " getting into the feeling that we're gaining a ‘family' of fans.

Greatest pleasures:  "seeing the audience smiling and enjoying the shows; anticipating and musically supporting my talented friends."

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